The Scriptor Advantage

Scriptor allows you to capture a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical sales data en route and on site using a mobile device through a user-friendly and intuitive UI and full tracking capabilities. All data fields are wholly customizable and captured data is sent over the internet via a secured connection into our data center providing your leadership with real-time reporting and analysis anywhere in the world 24/7.

Scriptor works using both an online and an offline connectivity scheme, which means that no internet connection is required for users to have full access to the software’s functionality. This can be especially rewarding when visiting clients in remote, provincial locations. Offline clients synchronize their data when the device’s internet connectivity has been restored.

Scriptor works on any mobile platform from Android through iOS to Windows Mobile. No matter the device or the OS version, it will operate on any phone or tablet even in a mixed environment.

Scriptor is a customizable single solution that integrates seamlessly with any existing IT framework. We provide our solution as SaaS optionally interfacing with your existing ERP system or as a fully licensed on-premise infrastructure.

Secure and Compliant
Compliance is our top priority. All communication takes place behind a high-quality firewall through VPN/APN using SSL. Mobile clients are authenticated by user account as well as device serial number and have a data self-destroy capability. Scriptor comes complete with advanced user right management features guaranteeing full and meticulous data privacy.