"17 Software has been providing our company with custom software development and support services since 2003. Within the frameworks of our partnership program, we have implemented the end-to-end software support of our pharmaceutical sales processes including leadership information and strategic functions.

The company's sofware called 'Scriptor' allows efficient control over the performance of our pharmaceutical sales staff, by which we managed to achieve considerable growth in quality and planning of our customer relations and geographical span of our product and marketing distribution.

The company's expertise and flexibility in managing our development requests contributed to our success in replacing the earlier paper-based system of order management and daily report creation with an automated and fully digitized process, which helped our staff greatly reduce their administrative load and focus more on their business activity."

Gábor Nagy Sales Manager, Bayer Hungaria Kft.


"17 software have been providing TEVA Magyarország with software support for the automatization of our pharmaceutical and FMCG sales processes.

The Scriptor platform has allowed TEVA to resolve earlier issues originating from platform integration. Due to its extended functionality and flexible update policy, it continuously helps us improve our operational efficiency.

Our decision to implement to the Scriptor platform was largely based on its functionaliy that made retaining our existing hardware fleet possible. Scriptor provides a wing-to-wing solution covering all areas of our field sales activities, which enables us to aggregate our operational data into one single database and which had been a considerable upgrade to our earlier procedure.

Scriptor implements the full-range administration of our field sales activity within its own framework maximizing the control over the input and output data that we use for customer relation analysis. It also helps us map our presence and achievements in a more realistic way as well and has removed the hassle of manual reporting for our staff. Since the software is fully integrable into our existing ERP framework, it has become one of our key aids in decision making about operational resource and cost optimization. "

Tamás Uhrin IT Manager, TEVA Hungary Kft.


"We have been using Scriptor from day one to manage our customer data, store and handle all related information, making our order entry proecess seamless and co-ordinate and control our sales processes.

Storing retail master and order data in a single database provides us with considerable assistance in making our decisions. Our management as well as our sales teams are happy and eager to use the system.

Tracking order statuses provides us with a great way to get feedback on making sure each ordered item gets delivered to our partners in time and it makes issue resolution easier as well.

Scriptor has proven to be essantial for controlling the daily work of our field sales team via daily reporting (orders, work time, customer details, data entry etc.). The system also arms us with the powers of exploring team strenghts and weaknesses.

It also enables to collect large amount of data related to our partners allowing us t implement a more accurate categorization, which means more efficiency in customer visits and more sales.

By using handheld devices, we got rid of an enormous amount of paperwork resulting in saving time increasingly.

Data privacy is one of our key values and this has been carefully implemented throughout the entire time of our co-operation.

Our development demands have been taken into consideration in a flexible and timely manner and deadlines are met continuously.

Based on our good experiences, we are happy to recommend 17 Software for our partners. "

Tamás Rausch Consumer HeathCare – Commercial Manager, Pfizer Kft.


"17 Software have been providing our company with support of our mobile field sales activity. Since the implementation of the Sciptor platform in 2009, the system has been managing our retail master, order entry and field activity data in a completely integrated fashion.

Our key requirements include the separate management of oversize data for retails sales, webshop users and medical field sales via telesales with the occasional demand to run reports on the aggregated data. Scriptor has a full implementation of this functionaliy, which makes our everyday work much easier.

Thanks to its modular architecture, we have been able to tailor each system component to the needs of our business, which helped integrating our earlier practices into the new framework.

One of the key advantages of the system is that it allows the streaming of information between the staff on the field and in the back office as far as both workforce and executive requirements are concerned.

Scriptor’s meticulously designed but flexible and customizable processes have caused a serious reduction in our contracting cycle and resulted in a positive change in our document management procedures.

The system also allows us to collect, store and report as much commercial and master data as. Reports created in Sciptor have made categorization easier and improved the efficiency of our field work as well as giving strong grounds for decision-making.

Based on he abolve positive experiences, we are happy to recommend Scriptor and 17 Software to any business with field sales activities."

Gábor Nagy Commercial Manager, Sandoz Hungária Kft.