• SCRIPTOR – Market-leader in pharmaceutical SFA

  • SCRIPTOR – 8 countries, 60+ companies

  • SCRIPTOR – 15+ years of industry experience

  • SCRIPTOR – 4000+ users worldwide

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Scriptor is a market-leading mobile SFA platform in the pharmaceutical and FMCG sector, which is present in 8 countries in the Central European region.

The system provides a comprehensive IT solution for the Sales Division from planning to reporting. Scriptor has been designed to significantly simplify multi-faceted workflows and automate processes as closely as possible including tasks like route planning, order taking, POS management, documentation, expense tracking and communication.

Scriptor’s workflow management allows the sales staff to have greater ownership of their day-to-day operations by minimizing the risk of data entry errors and decision bias. It also provides the leadership with full, centralized control over the sales force, and provides full transparency through performance, scheduling and geographical position tracking.

Scriptor has over 35 modules, which provide more than 500+ parameters to enable end-to-end workforce management.

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Scriptor's easy-to-use GUI and user-friendly operation allows for robust data capture on the road. All fields and views can be customized and the data is forwarded via a secure connection to your data center making sure your leadership sees live data 24/7.


Scriptor works both online and offline. It remains fully functional even when there is no network coverage. The captured data is synchronized with the data centers as soon as the internet connections is restored.


Scriptor works on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. It does not matter what device or OS your company is on, Scriptor operates on all phones and tablets even simultaneously.


Scriptor integrates flawlessly into any IT framework. It can be licensed as SaaS with interfaces to the existing ERP/CRM solution, or set up to work independently on corporate servers.


Compliance is key. System components communicate over VPN/APN through channels secured by SSL. Mobile devices must authenticate themselves by serial number, and the database has password protection and auto-erase capabilities.


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